Blurry vision


Young Tutorling
Hi everyone, I'm new here. Well, I have my supplies, my workspace set up, my hours of reading and watching you-tube to learn where to start. (glad I found this site).
Now all the excuses are out of the way so it is time to paint.
My first serious practice of dots and lines are not too bad. I'm a lefty so I noticed I do better going right to left on the page. I frequently paint with a brush that way. I tried painting with the right hand and I seem to find it easier to hot the target. I guess that comes from controling the computer mouse with the right index finger? Who Knows.
The question I have is how do you get used to all the lines being blurry. I'm used to the crisp edges I get with a brush. This blurry stuff is making me want to go get glasses! Is there a way to get a tighter spray with the freehand painting? Maybe this is just something I have to get used to.
The blurry stuff is from not having full control over the airbrush , Which comes with PRACTICE!!!!!!:D
Like anything you have to learn to control the line , That includes the over spray that makes the line blurry.

You will get there.
Try to get in closer and maybe slow down a little, it's a problem you will always have but you can minimise the effect some.

The spray pattern from an airbrush is always round with the exact centre being the strongest point and then it fades a little as you get to the perimeter, if you can get close enough that your needle is almost touching the work surface, you will notice it will be less blurry, however you risk the possibility of hitting with your needle (if you have the crown needle protector off) and subsequently bending it.

For sharper lines and shapes you can also use shields or freehand stencils.
Pretty much what Micron said! Try lowering your psi so you could get real close to your surface. This will help in keeping your over spray down as well as get crisper lines. Keep in mind when you lower your psi you might have to reduce your paint a bit more as well to get it to flow right at lower psi.
Thanks everyone, I put on my reading glasses and it helped a lot, DUH, LOL, Seriously, it helps to lower the PSI and play with distance. The readers should help with the eye strain. I know an airbrushed line will never be as tight as a fine brush line, but it can be something to aim for. I know, LOTS of practice!