Bonjour à tous, from Paris



Hi everyone,

I'm 52 years young (largely better than old! Corresponds better to my way of life), married (God I did well on this Woman) and doing my best to educate three kids (one isn't anymore, on her way and 25, the other two are almost 15 and already 13). My favourite hobbies: RC helicopters (since I was 29), tenor saxophone (not that easy in an appartment). Had a PAASCHE VL since 1991, still in very good shape (painting my fuselages and canopies for the helis) but not well adapted, I think, to go to this AAA+++ tutorial. This Paasche doesn't need air, but the whole atmosphere - my compressor, a Chinese AC-189 (the reference is always the same, whatever the trade mark is) is not able to maintain its hudge air consumption volume to keep a good 2kgs (sorry, around 30psi) in the tank up to the AB. Ordered a VEDA WD-180, as I can't afford one of those famous brands (even second hand) at the moment. See my (only & single) post on that - what AB do you use, and I will post my appreciation on this VEDA after tests.
Guys, I do better every WE on my technics with this awesome tutorial (can't find daily routine to practise), but still can't do as showed. Am not loosing patience in keeping hard, work will help me.
All the best to U all!