book on color theory



can anyone recommend a good book on color theory aimed towards a beginner?
looking for something to help in learning to mix my own colors and want to start
right at the beginning.
Yes, youtube rules also!;) Just forgotten to mention. But mind, there are some boring there.
And "complimentary" and "simultaneous" are the key words to the realism;) Besides the erasers and other stuff...
The colour wheel must be an option burned into the artist's mind:) So when being woken up in the middle of the night, artists could paint it five minutes while narrating whole colour theory:D
Highly recommend anything by Walter T Foster..It was a How to Paint Magazine Series bought out in the 60-70's (proud owner of most of them, found em in an op shop) that looks at various painting mediums..the actual guides they bought out on color are amazingly simplified for beginners..Also look and watch Bob Ross's painting series, again its old and quirky but he's understanding of color is amazing and again simple to understand why he is doing what...Bit more in the acrylic, water color and oil world in a medium sense but when it comes to color..Its all the same :) Good luck
thanks for the recommendations.i just ordered the betty Edwards book
and I do watch the old bob ross shows(mostly for relaxation)now and then.
I found making your own color wheel like AB tutor shows helps a lot for understanding layering colors and what one color does when put on top of another color, at least it did for me.
That's a good idea--I learned a lot by buying a set of watercolors and mixing them myself too.

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thanks for the suggestions.i have watercolors and playing with them seems like a good idea.
i'll check into Stephen quiller's book as well.

also hello to Colorado, I lived in grand lake for 15 years.beautiful country.