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Hi guys.

This question is for bottom feed users. I want to know whant bottle you use? I have buy some 1oz plastic bottle (like big mouth) on ebay... but I can't store my pain in if I don't use all what I mix because thats stain the bottle, and it's very hard to clean because the hole is very small...

I've buy some in glass, easyer to clean but it's heavyer too...

You guys found something better ? Good compromise bewteen easy cleaning and weight ? I don't worry for the size, smaler as possible, 1/2oz can be perfect for me...

Thanks for repplies!
I clean out my empty paint bottles 1oz and 2oz and I use those. Yeah they are plastic and hard to clean though.
Pretty much use whatever I can get me hands on..I use the plastic ones as well and have never had an issue with the paint staining them, even after the paint sitting in em for a week or two whilst I'm doing a job, what type of paint are you using? The weight of the glass ones doesn't really bother me and is something you get used to pretty easy but there are multiple sizes available so maybe try the smaller ones? Another alternative would be just to tip your excess paint out at the end of a session into another jar..Try soaking em for a bit in some quite hot water with dishwashing liquid and use a bottle brush cleaner, tends to do a good job and gets em pretty clean again..GL
my glass one is 3/4oz ... i dont know if we can have smaler ... i have no problem at all for cleaning glass one ... only my 1oz cylinder plastic ... the hole is too small for cleaning with finger ... ill try bottle cleaner and soaking bath...

my paint is reg createx

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