Bought my first canvas: Now what?


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Not even sure where to post this.
I've been airbrushing for 30 years, but exclusively on scale models. Yes, it takes practice to master, but the truth is it is only a few steps above of using spray cans. Cammo pattern takes it one more step up. But I am blown away by the art you guys do so I bought my first 11x14 (~30cm x 36cm) canvas.
Now what? We are staring at each other lol
I want to do a car...
No, a landscape...
No, clouds...
No, a Coffee sign for my coffee bar...
No, an airplane...

No picture as the canvas is still empty.
Another thing is I have always used automotive paints which are very toxic and require respirators, chemical gloves, safety goggles, etc.
I have craft acrylics. I know these may not be the preferred choice but I think I can start with that. I've airbrushed them in the past with some success.

If you think this is a pointless post so far, yeah, I agree with you. Once I figure out something easy to try, I'll start asking real questions. As of art skills, I think I can barely draw a straight line using a ruler.

Canvas May not be the easiest thing to paint on, I may be wrong on this so others may know better, I think canvas is usually coated in gesso first if You want to scratch and erase on it! But if You go for a coffee sign rather than say a landscape or portrait You should be fine, also acrylic paint will be fine to start out with if You have a .3 or higher nozzle, just play around with the dilution till You get it to spray ok. But most importaintly, have fun :)
I paint on canvas quite a bit. The fabric material itself can be a helpful surface to begin on, as it tends to absorb the paint immediately - so splatters, splats, and runs happen much more slowly ;). You can work on everything from naked canvas, so lightly gessoed, to completely sealed and sanded with layers of gesso (for a glass smooth surface). You can also gesso over either the complete surface (or just parts) to pull off a save on a piece that may have gone astray. I'd also recommend getting at least a few colors of a known airbrush paint, like com-art, or golden high flow. These two are very easy to use, and quite forgiving - so will give you a real world idea of how your paints should be working - it will help in working with the craft paints to achieve a reduction mix that will work for you. A downside is that the texture of the surface can make working with fine details a bit more difficult.
Ah the white canvas problem… dear friend of the lonely artist but specter of creativity in darkness!

Nothing will amount to something with this approach, according to my experience. You will never be satisfied not learn constructively something when staring at a white canvas and attempting something to happen. Instead choose a subject that excites you, a picture that intrigues you, and then just paint that. I am sure there is something that interests you. Don’t worry if the subject appears complicated or you don’t know how to approach it. That’s exactly part of the process… to figure it all out. You can only solve it if you do it.
what ever subject you;re into, just take an image from the internet and have a go at trying to duplicate it. If you like models then have a run at painting up your favorite set of wheels or biosuit that you like. most importantly just paint something you want to paint.

i know people paint with automotive paints. some people prefer it because they spray nicely and there are almost infinte colors and values to pick from.. however.. take care of that health if you choose to go that way.
Ok, you've had long enough staring at each other, 10 more minutes and things start to get weird !

Fire up the internet and search for pictures of things you like, Models, miniatures, trains, planes, automobiles and any man cave (or coffee cave) sign that takes your fancy.
Create an electronic album of all these pictures and add to it over time.
When you meet a canvas that needs some love then scroll through your album and see what 'speaks' to you. Often what you thought you wanted to paint decides it doesnt like your choice of canvas !