Brisbane Australia



Hi there, recently bought myself a basic airbrush setup. Can't believe I didn't get one years ago as it's so much fun.

I've done a couple of practice pieces (Skulls) on paper with acrylic and on the weekend I had a go at airbrushing the underside of my longboard.
Pretty happy with the outcome and learnt some more lessons along the way. Looking forward to having a scout around the forum and checking out some seriously sick art.

Welcome Paul, have a look around and enjoy!! If you have any question at all, just ask, it won't take long to get an answer!!

Bris Vegas!! Should be plenty to learn being new mate - would love to see pictures of what you've done so far? any questions you have just ask and we'll help as much as we can:D
hello well come to the forum.
waiting for your progress
Welcome aboard my friend, dive in and fill your boots!! Plenty of happy chappies all willing to help, enjoy yourself and show us ya stuff:)
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

Heres my first three pieces.

#1 hand cut stencil basic outlines then freehand


#2 with a bit more effort put into the flames but needs repairs on the wings. Pretty dumb composition, but hey just practice


#3 attacked the underside of my longboard. A few stuff ups but it's all a learning curve.

Welcome to the forum ! :) looks smooth ! Keep on painting and work hard :)
Cheers !
Had a go at a portrait, stuffed up some of the shadow, then really stuffed it when tried to fix it.

Here's before the final stuff ups.

I've been practicing whenever I can and making steady progress.

Here's some more samples in order of creation




Welcome to the forum Paul! Very impressive art for a short period of time and you are already developing your own style, which is preety kewl!
Hi Paul from the uk, looks like we have another addict on the forum. I'm with you, and wish I'd started years ago. Have fun.
Definitely addicted ;)
I really need to start developing backgrounds but I'm enjoying developing my skull technique.

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