Brushing with white.




I'm really struggling with the color white. I am using createx white( I have opaque and translucent). I did the leopard with black and it came out ok. But I used your reference on 8x11 I am really struggling with the texture part using white. I started out using the translucent and it was like nothing was showing up. I had to go over it a bunch of time to get it to white. So I switched to opaque. And it worked better.

I think I need to blow that reference up like you did in the video. It would seem that the detail would be alot easier on a bigger painting rather than a smaller one.

Also, when I did the white over the black spots( white dagger strokes). Again it just seem to appear a see through white.

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Hi Dylan, i'm not sure about the transparency of your white.. i don't get how transparent white can work because it can only really be an opaque although i have seen some paint companies selling it as that.. perhaps its a fine pigment or watered down version?? anyway.. yeah to do the leopard small with water based paint.. just wouldn't work. Unless it's an automotive paint I just wouldn't attempt to do it A4 size.. you may be able to do it A3 but it would be a major struggle.. I'd recommend blowing it up to A2 minimum size.. even if it costs you a couple of bucks the result will be worth it.
Not your fault - this time you can blame the limits of water based paint.
Transparent white can only be used to tint colours. It will take forever to cover something with it.