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HI everyone my first post on this site. My airbrush appears to be spotlessly clean and works well with water but when I screw on the nozzle cap I get bubbles coming back up and over the cup If I unscrew the nozzle cap everything is fine. I had and old airbrush that did the same thing, makes me thing that I might be the problem and I don't know how to fix it. Searched this site and can't find an answer. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Kaid
Sounds like the opening in the nozzle cap is too small or does not seal well enough.

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Hi Kaid, you have an air leak somewhere allowing the air to travel back to the cup.

The addition of the cap is creating enough back pressure to force the air into the cup.

It could be a compressed or degraded o-ring or the air is getting by the threads or the nozzle is not situated properly.

I'd try replacing any o-rings in the air cap and using beeswax or chapstick on any threads as well as cleaning the brush again using a solvent that is appropriate.

If you go to the introduction forum and tell us where you are and what equipment and settings you are using would help us to help you track down the problem or perhaps someone is close enough and would be willing to take a look at it for you.

Welcome to the forums its a great place to learn, we have some incredibly talented artists here who are very generous with their knowledge and time.

Good luck with it, Jim
HI again. Should have added that i'm new to airbrushing and to start i purchased cheap chinese air guns and that could be part of my problem, i have used various air pressure from 15/50psi with no change. I have since been looking at a veda brand which seems to be better than i have? I live in the Wide Bay area in Queensland and dont know of any airbrushing artist or shops around here i can get advise. Tried bees wax no luck there that only leaves the o-rings.
Thanks for the above advice
The Veda is still a cheaper model. Probably not much better than what you have. You can get them to work it just takes patience. If at all possible, save for a bit, and get a good name brand like Badger, Iwata, or Harder and Steenbeck. These brands an a few others are backed by a good warranty and quality manufacturing and testing.

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