But in airbrush



_20140611_095423.JPG OK best I could do with two hands. When I look through a magnifying glass I can see a but right part air valve hole. Would this cause problems? I do seem to be having some flow issues.
Do you mean a burr? Lol. One thing with using a magnifying glass and optics in general. If you aren't dead straight on it, it will never look true to shape. Could it be a burr? Possibly, or just an optical illusion. Flip it around and keep looking and see if it changes location.

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It's definitely a burr.I flip it around at every angle stays right their just like a butt. Reminds me of a song can you name it?
I know it's not paint I have tried to dislodge it but to no avail. It's definitely something solid.
I have had solid chunks of paint. Ya think its clean, and bam, that crap is like welded on lol. Do you have the tiny airbrush cleaning, pipe cleaner thingy's? Or...bad me, I have even carefully taken a junk needle, and gently swirled it around in there, like to "pick" it out
MeeshellMP I did use a needle had no affect. It's definitely solid. I'm going to try and post another pic when I get someone above the age of four to help me.