CA AirTools Compressor



So I get my compressor in a while back. I can track down how long ago, but too lazy / busy atm. It's been about a month now I guess. SO I wasn't that impressed with the audio of it! Was in fact, SUPER disappointed in it.

After doing research, come to find out, I was sent a possible Refurbed unit, with only an instruction booklet. What was missing? AIR FILTERS!!

So I just wanted to let you guys know, that if you decide to order one, ASK and make sure if it's going to be new or refurbed and check to make sure you have filters with it!
Well I used mine already for about 4 sessions of practicing and a few shirts. I noticed the filter thing today. So I stopped practicing once I did. I don't know if it'll hurt it.

I like the compressor, it's still quieter than the other compressor (Husky 3gal) I had, BUT, I still have to put it in the closet.

However, I did notice that even just airbrushing a shirt it kicks on more than I expected. I was told, and saw several people talk about the 1.6 gallon being plenty for tshirt operation, but if I used this thing for production work I'd be weary of it's life span.

So far, I like it though. Just wished I didn't have to try to get California Air to fix the filter issue.
The airfilter does make it more quiet. My South African equivalent one stands directly next to me and I use it while the missus sleeps in the room next door with doors open.

Regarding the kicking in often. If you paint at high pressure you use a lot of air and the motor will kick in sooner to keep the limits up. Every compressor does that. If you have a bigger tank that can take higher pressures, then it will be less often. But these you have not much room between min and max so it will happen more often. Personally I can not tell you how many times mine kicks in because I just do not notice it anymore and I paint at less then 20psi.
Yeah, I understand how it all works. I had a ... crap, what was it.. a UC 50 or something, like a $600-700 compressor before. Everyone told me it would be great for tshirts, but I think it was like a half gallon or something. SUUUPER quiet, I mean I had to put it against a table with loose change so I could vibrate enough to hear it. I mean, you LITERALLY did not hear it. I have heard many fridge compressors run, but this one was almost absolutely zero sound. you heard a 'click' and that was it.

But, I didn't try it for production, I just used it to practice my lettering and that was it. Then commercial work, like doing my tailgates and helmets. I used about 25lbs of air there using Auto Air etc.

When I did my fairs etc I chose to build a quiet box for my Craftsman 20 gal stand up .. maybe it was a 16 gal, but either way, big, loud and ugly. But, people didn't care! They were happy to see someone painting shirts lol!
Well, 50/50 on CAT. THey sent me 2 filters, but the fittings were WAY too big. I had to go to Home Depot and get a few adapters. Got it on there and the decibels are much lower, but honestly, still not near as quiet as the videos.

I can paint in someone's home w/o being too noisy but I still have to put it in the closet now to get it quiet. Noise is almost non existent outside of my room while it's in closet, but still noisy in the room. It'll do for now.