California Air tools 6310 connecting to a Badger set up


Bad Karma

I'm just getting back into modeling and have never airbrushed. I'm planning on going with a Badger Gravity airbrush. I dont have much experience with compressor parts, connectors, ect. I've done a few searches and have read up quite a bit on the compressor. I know it's not small, but that's not an issue for me. It does come with a moisture trap and a quick connect, but that's it.

Anyone have any experiences with this compressor? Specifically hooking up Badger series hoses? Can I remove the screw on fitting on the base end of the hose and just plug right in via the quick connect on the compressor end?

Connection size of the compressor is 1/4" . I know the compressor has an "M" style connector/fitting(TEKTON - Quick Connect Male Coupler) for the quick connect from the moisture trap to where the hose connects to the compressor, not that I know what and "M" style connecter is. Is that style connector compatible with the set up i want to run? If not what do i need to do to connect my Badger hose?

I'll initially be set up in a garage, but will be set up in an interior workshop when I move later in the year, so I think i'll be fine with 20 feet. I would go with a 25' Braided Hose with a Transaparent In-Line Drainable Water Trap but have not been able to find one. I'm going with two 10' Braided, one having the in-line trap. Any suggestion on which half I should run the in line water trap? The end that connects to the Airbrush, or the end that connects to the compressor? Will I need any "extension" type connectors to connect the two 10' sections? If so, what's the proper name/nomenclature of that specific part.

Does anyone run badger hoses with the Cali Air Tools 6300 with badger hoses? Any videos around how to hook in badger hoses to this compressor?

Thus far my accessory list:

-Adapter fitting from hose to compressor? Dependent on size of fitting from Compressor to hose.
-Badger 10' Braided Hose w/Transparent In-line Drainable Water Trap
-Badger 10" Braided Hose(for a total of 20 feet with in line trap)
-Quick connect adaptor to connect hose to airbrush.
-Extension connector to connect the two 10' sections of hose.

Is there anything I'm overlooking?


Thanks, that helps quite a bit.

So Badger Braided hoses are 1/8", am I reading that correctly? If I can get that down as a fact I think i can get all the other attachments you listed above.

Hmmm, think i could roll up to my local Home Depot with the Compressor and hoses, and say "make this work"? Will they carry the 1/4 male - 1/8 male as well as the 1/4 male quick connects? I'm not even going to worry about the airbrush end of the line until I get the compressor end sorted out.

Looking at the close up pics of the Water Trap that's on the compressor, i'm about 99% sure that's a female quick connect. So on the compressor end, I'll need to go from the 1/8 " Badger Braided hose, to a 1/8 male - 1/4 male connector ... then attach a male quick connect..... correct?

JFC they really like to keep everything a mystery as far as the sizes of the hosesand the hose connectors, as well as connectors on the compressors. I've looked at dozens of product descriptions for the CAT compressor and Badger hoses, and most pages are simply blank with a picture and a price. Why so much secrecy?
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I have a badger brush,155 Anthem, you will need a iwata 1/8, at the brush, to 1/4 quick disconnect. The 1/8 is the male part that you attach to the airbrush the quick disconnect has one end to connect to the male part and the other to a 1/4 hose. These you can only get online. Chicago Airbrush is where I got mine. AndreAZs diagram is what set me on the correct path. Good luck.
Oh yeah I don't even use the badger hose that came with the brush. It was easier not to use it because it the 1/8 size was not compatible with anything. You can get a braided hose with 1/4 ends that are more universal at harbor freight if you have one in your area. The other connectors can be found their as well.
@Bad Karma No, Badger is M5.

@Kasey24 I do not agree that 1/8" is not compatible with anything. Most airbrushes and accessories are 1/8". Once you are done with the compressor side of things, then everything is 1/8".
OK I going by my personal experience should have stated that in my post. Thanks for catching that I don't want to misinform anyone.
I assuming you talking about the
Badger Air-Brush Co. Part number 50-2025 10-Foot Braided Hose with In-Line Water-Trap
this hose has a 1/4" NPT female fitting on the compressor end so you should only need a
TEKTON 4711 1/4-Inch NPT Quick Connect Male Plug (M-Style) with some Teflon is all you should need to connect the hose to the compressor.

If it was me, I would contact Badger and see if they will make a 20'-25' hose with 1/4NPT fitting at the compressor end the in-line water trap and the Quick Disconnect for the airbrush at the other end. Badger's costumer service is outstanding for helping out the end user.

Because the 10' 50-2025 hose has the M5 fitting to connect to Badger AB or QD so to connect that to the 1/4 NPT fitting on the compressor end of the next 10' hose will take a M5 male to 1/4"NPT fitting and a 1/4 NPT male - male connector. and the more fittings you use the ore chances for air leaks and the greater cost.

I'm guessing since your using Badger hoses you going to be using Badger airbrushes sot the hose to AB end you should not have a problem. I say should because Badger also makes hoses that fit Paasche and the 1/8 BSP threaded ABs

Hope this has helped and is not to confusing

Thank you Doug. I've been wondering what type connections the hoses came with standard. The 2 badger hoses are already en route, so I'm going to go ahead and try them out. If I have problems with leaks, that i cant solve with teflon tape, i'll definitely be contacting badger and ask if i can get a custom 25' with in line water trap with a 1/4 Quick disconnect already fitted to the compressor end.

My compressor isnt going to show up until some time later this month, so I'll have to wait till then to see how everything works out.

One question on the compressor. The water trap practically sits right next to the generator. I've heard it stated in several tutorials, to include a Badger seminar, that if possible you want to add a pipe extension to increase the distance between your water trap and the generator. Is this a wise move? Would I be running the risk of compromising the factory seals, even if I use teflon tape? I'm assuming the extender pipe needs to be 1/4" male on both ends? About how long of a section should I need? Can I use any 1/4" pipe from my local hardware store?

thanks again everyone!
Will do... glad I asked here, or I'd be ripping that puppy apart as soon as it gets here.

It does get rather humid here in Southern Oklahoma, and I will initially be set up to spray in my garage, until I relocate some time this fall, at which time I'll have an indoor room dedicated to my modeling.

I'll wait and see how much water is accumulating in the trap next to the tank and how often I have problems with water making it to the Airbrush before I "get a bigger warhammer" and try the extension.