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Hey guys i was wondering what your opinion was of this compressor. on ebay it will cost me roughly 120 for just a fridge compressor so this will probably cost about as much as a diy will. my only concern is the fact that it pumps at 60 DB, but according to Wikipedia thats roughly a piano so its not too bad i hope, it would probably be going on my back deck and i would feed the airline through the window facing my deck.


California Air Tools 1.6-Gal. 1 HP Ultra Quiet and Oil-Free Aluminum Tank Air Compressor-1610A at The Home Depot
I've never used one but I'd go for the bigger model though with a bigger air tank. For the extra $20 you'll be glad you did somewhere down the line. foreveryoung001 has a California Air compressor, here's his quote from another thread;

"My current compressor is a 6 gallon silent from California Air Tools. I run my HVLP gun with it without many issue, although I'm only clearing guitars, and they only take a few passes. Would probably need something bigger if you're planning larger project. It is pretty silent. My wife can't hear it running in the very next room with the door closed, but when the tank is done filling, the let off valve does give a pretty loud hiss and whistle which you can hear in the next room. I think it was a great purchase, and would absolutely buy another one, but might even go with the 10 gallon tank, just to run some of my larger air tools. It does struggle quite a bit with my impact wrench, but for airbrushing, it is just about perfect."

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I don't know this compressor, a tank is always best, but I wonder about overheating issues as it is oil- less, and it is a fairly small tank that would need to refill fairly often. Just my thoughts, hopefully there will be someone who has one, or knows more about them that can point you the right way.
When my home built unit dies, unless I get a Sil-air silent compressor! I will get a California air tools. Have to agree with Melbee like May things bigger is better in this case. Though with that said, the same size compressor in the model you are looking at is the same as the one on the 6.3 gal model, so if you needed to down the road, get a portable air tank,many plumb it in line to add a it 5 gallons of capacity .

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It would also depend on what you want to paint. If you are going to paint models and would only use the compressor in short bursts giving it time to cool down each time then you wouldn't need a bigger compressor.

If you are going to paint anything like illustrations on card or canvas, auto, bikes etc. then go for as big as you can afford. If you want to paint T shirts then you will definitely need a powerful compressor that can deliver 40 to 60 psi through a 0.5 airbrush for lengths of time.

Also 60dB is good but it is nowhere near as quiet as an oil-filled silent compressor, mine is about 40dB and sounds like my fridge. My old Fenga oil-less compressor was about 55 to 60dB and I found it got louder the longer I used it and would vibrate enough to disturb the people in the flat below me even though it was not on the floor.

So it also depends on where you are going to use it and your surroundings. People very often forget that it's not just the noise a compressor makes it's also the vibrations it creates that can cause problems for others. Vibrations can travel very far.
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I just got is compressor , I like it so far just had it over a week and its nice and quit and doesn't run a whole lot.