Can i learn patience?



Hey all
Hope you are all well? I had a bad day airbrushing this weekend, things would go well, then rapidly go down hill. Basically because i rush and smudge paint with stencils, avoid colour changes and carry on when i should stop and go in with another colour (hope that makes sense). I just wondered how others avoid rushing a project? Should i just clean the brush and walk away or what?
I got really frustrated after ruining what was turning out to be nice cats eyes on a black background, my ruining with a smudge and using a totally wrong mixed colour for the iris.

Can patience be learnt??

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I have zero patience. But I think I am getting better. Maybe. LOL. First of all unless you've damaged the surface of your paper or whatever, pretty much any mistake can be fixed. So yes it's totally annoying, and frustrating, but usually fixable. It's a really important thing to learn to do, I am a pathological messer upper, and would never finish a piece if I hadn't learnt how to fix mistakes LOL. It usually goes some thing like this:_

Realisation dawns - Shouts to self "You stupid [insert swear word name of choice here]!!!!

Put down airbrush, and remove objects that do not usually fly from immediate area.

Mindless ranting begins , approx time 5 minutes - What a total mother flipping, bollard, trossucking, shirting, bar stewarding, flying fornicater, ducking, sick head, merry funster, arsenal clucking, twerp etc, etc, or words to that effect.

Take deep breath - go make a cup of tea - try and calm down. Or if unfortunate family member or friend happens to be nearby, release frustration upon them, they love you and will only sulk for a few months and then get over it.

Repeat mantra - I can fix it, I can fix it

Come back in Zen like state (ish) - and either erase, or repaint the base colour in that area, blending out the edges so that it won't stand out, and repaint messed up area.

Still feel annoyed at time wasted.

Feel smug that you managed to fix it.

That's my "method" Lol. I take a little break then come back. It may be best sometimes to pack up and try again later, it is supposed to be fun, and you don't want to get to the point where you just are hating it. Everyone has "one of those days" once in a while. But whatever you do, even if you decide to start again, don't destroy or throw out the piece you messed up. Keep it and use it to practice repairing on, deliberately ruin other parts of it too, and try and fix those. Then when you make a mistake in the future (and if you are anything like me you will lol) it won't be a big deal. :)
Great reply, it sounded for a moment like we use the same language lol

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I was one who tossed my first brush because of my temper and lack of patience. That was almost 2 years ago. Only happened once, not like it was across the room or anything, and I was not proud. Now as I progress I feel I gain more patience. You have to, or your painting won't progress, it's hard to paint at a high level without it.

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You already mentioned in my oppinion the best way to cope with frustration. It helps me a lot to speak of "bad" days. Sometimes nothing will work out properly. I just clean the airbrush and let it be....if I continue then it just gets worse and worse. :)

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get up and walk away when you get to that point... stepping back will do wonders for you. Go get a drink, take a walk...
Sure you can and I can teach you.... Just hang on a minute while I take care of a few other things...
Where'd you go??...what were you gonna say??....come baaaack!!!

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I'm only starting out as well and I still have yet to learn to keep calm. i find for me if nothing goes according to plan i'll walk away and have a smoke then come back with a coke and continue playing. give your mind a break when the anger kicks in or be like me and destroy everything near you................ a laptop included which was thrown in the pool
Does anyone see a pattern here? lol my oh my aren't we a violent bunch! hehehe Take a Valium and come back in about 15 min. .... oh wait that's me . lol
Does anyone see a pattern here? lol my oh my aren't we a violent bunch! hehehe Take a Valium and come back in about 15 min. .... oh wait that's me . lol

If i was painting a dog and i took a Valium it would turn out to be the easter bunny holding a M60 and a blood soaked chainsaw
LOL Can you learn patience? Who knows LOL..I would say some can and some never will..I for example are extremely inpatient, closing in on forty I don't think I will ever change but patients has nothing to do with taking care LOL..Try learning to take care, ie wet paint will smudge LOL and you won't need to learn anything about patience, instead of waiting or needing that patience, wipe the paint of on your jeans and then its your wifes problem LOL and it wont smudge, so for me its not about learning patience but ways I can beat it..... ;)
patience , That means different thing to different people. Waiting to some is showing patience, Learning something over years of practice to others is showing patience.
Helping a person you do not know move across country will teach you patience . Waiting in the delivery room while your first child is born will teach you patience,
Patience is understanding that somethings take time and only comes when the time is right.
When you were learning to drive (Most) did not just jump in the car and drive like a pro. Same thing with airbrushing most of us have practice a lot to get good(well I am still practicing ) while other seem to have a gift for it.
Learning in general is a show of patience. The term running out of patience to me means frustration to me. Frustrated because you may not be picking up things as fast as you thing you should or as fast as others seem too.
So thank you for your patience in waiting for this answer...:D one great song !
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