Can I make createx 4012 ,4020?



I can't buy them in Korea..because of solvent ... :( can I make something instead of createx reducer ?

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Highly unlikely, contact createx and explain the problem and see what they say. Is it that they can't be purchased or they can't be shipped? I can get it from Australia to NZ.
You get createx by air shipping??

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once again I will point you in this direction....

why do you need 4020 ? its 'automotive' reducer.. designed for humid / dry conditions and is for use only in controlled spray environments with adequate ventilation and a NIOSH / MSHA approved respirator
You say there is no solvent in 4012 ? Then can I get 4012 for airflight shipping?

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If the Korean authorities say no solvent by air then no. It will come by boat & land ... check the link. It's a from the Korean eBay
Sounding a lot more like you are asking us rather than the suppliers, who have you contacted so far...?
Sorry..Createx didn't answer me a few days..:( I already bought createx wicked set(include 4012.4020) at Amazon..

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There should be no issues with 4012 being shipped by air. I have sent it Israel and New Zealand and multiple countries.
Thanks for your help [emoji4]

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Hope you're able to get it, its great stuff. Don't think you'd be able to replicate it! Most artists don't realize how much goes into creating the reducers, that's why I always recommend using them instead of some home brew someone has made up!!!!
Do try and get the real deal if you can. Its so much more than just a reducer. It helps with flow, tip dry, quicker drying, harder curing, less surface tension, and is also a great cleaner, and helps with quick colour change buy spraying a few drops between colours.