can I make payments on a dru blair course


jared pittman

Hey guys dont have alot of money- would need to make payments on a dru blair class also will be staying in cheap motel eating mcdonalds for a week- anyone?
Not that I know of. You could always send them an email. Probably be best to save up the cash a little at a time until you have enough to do it. Also, staying at the studio is pretty much a must, it's in the middle of nowhere. With the food and lodging, everything is covered. Not cheap, but reasonable when you add it all up.
Write to Dru . That is the best way to find out.
Dru Wife is a great cook and yes if you attend his class at his school you stay there. The price covers lodging and food .
Write Dru and ask. He's really a nice, down to earth guy. He's been known to trade some help around the property for classes once in a while, so my guess is that he'd be willing to work something out.
Just make sure you get ahold of Dru. If you get Mel, hang up and call later. Lol. Don't tell her I said that. Please. Lol