Can I use Liquitex airbrush medium as sealer for leather jacket back?


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I have to do two jackets, and I was thinking to clean with denatured alcohol than scuff with a red scotch brute and seal with Liquitex airbrush medium before starting my graphics. Would that be OK as prep?
@WhiteKnight The last time I did a leather jacket I used createx, I gave it a wipe with de-greaser and just went for it. I sealed it with the createx clear sealer and it's been fine for 5 years.

This is one of the ones (and my Av is another)

Aunty Witch.JPG
@WhiteKnight I have used this, it's for fabric and leather, is flexible and doesn't crack. Make sure you do use the denatured alcohol on the area you paint. (I have used Isopropyl not sure if that's the same but it works) as most leather jackets are treated with a kind of waxy coating, the alcohol doesn't look like it removes anything much, but the paint will stick and last way better.
We seem to have a big problem getting denatured alcohol over here? I have been to three chemists who say they don't - or wont stock it because of the red tape :(
Like I said, i just use the de-greaser (pannel wipe) .... gotta do what ya gotta do :)