Can not get very close,sharp lines?



I for some reason am not able to make very sharp lines. Is it because of my airbrush or just because I dont know how?
Well that is a good question. What airbrush you running and what needle set up?
What paint and what air pressure?
Most times if I am pulling a really tight line my air pressure is around 5 to 10 psi. my paint is reduced 1 drop paint to at least 15 drops reducer (if I am using wicked ) pretty much straight out the bottle if I am using Spectra-tex
That is with my Iwata Eclipse CS with a .35 set up.
I reduced my paint and dropped my pressure and now I am getting some really thin lines!
Yeah, Slowly but surely I am learning a bit bout aibrushing.

Depending on where on the artwork, it is just not worth the stuggle. Get some coloured pencils or fine brushes and just paint it in. Don't be embarrassed to use masks.