Can someone explain.....


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I notice a lot of people talk about using:

Masking, Templates, transfers.

I am assuming the transferring is referring to the graphite or carbon paper for a line art skeleton for a piece. But what is the masking and templates? I know there are other things i have heard too but they are evading me right now
Masking is just that, either masking the areas you dont want painted, or lines, or even covering a whole piece in masking, so you can draw on it and cut out where you want to paint.

Templates are a tool, to be used like a map, spray through one lightly to get a guide of an image if where to paint, say a skull. Or whatever. Templates can be plastic, or hand cut from just about anything .

Have you checked out Airbrush Tricks, Airbrush Tutor. or Ed Hubbs on youtube? These will all explain a bit more and go through the use of them.

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-transfers : simply put any method used to trasfer the reference image to the artwork or any parts thereof (guide lines, shading indicators etc..)
-masking : like wmlepage said, its basically hiding off the parts you dont want to paint or rather expose ONLY the areas you do want to paint .
-templates : these are like masks but are basicaly cutouts of diffrent shapes that let the paint tru. typically they are used to bring up an outline of the desired shapes and then freehand is used over said outline to make the details of the artwork. they are also used to create effects like stars , tree-lines, clouds etc...
its pretty much a "mobile" mask and more than often reusable . ( as oposed to masking that looses stickyness over time/uses)

like was said visit airbrushtutor and yutube vids and you will see more what its all about .