Can you stencil over Acrylic sealer?


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Im airbrushing a PS4 controller for my son. I cleaned it and primed it with FINE white plastic primer.
I painted several coats of pearlised silver on it. And finally put down 6 good coats of krylon Crystal clear acrylic coating to seal.
Now my son wants me to stencil his name on the controller.

Now can I airbrush his name over the krylon sealer and then add another couple coats of sealer on top of that? Or is he out of luck?

Thanks in advance. :D
Wouldn't go anything heavier than a light Scotchbrite pad, though.
After that, all you need do, is coat it 'til the surface is even again.
So just sand the area down ever so slightly is what your saying? I have various grits, you think a polish grit like 2000 or 1500? Light Wet sand, dry sand? Sorry for the novice question to your answers. I'm just new at it.
Made a rookie mistake I assume. Lightly scuffed the surface with a scotch brite pad. Then proceeded to tape on my stencil to the surface using blue painters tape. (The clear was dry to touch and had been setting for nearly 48 hours)
Stencil itself came out beautifully but the painters tape when peeled away, pulled off what appeared to be several layers of the clear. I had hoped it was just residue from the tapes adhesive but would not come off no matter what I did. :(
Live and learn. Had to make the best of it and fix it the best I could. In any case any suggestions on a tape that won't pull up my paint or clear?
I was able to save the Paintjob without having to sand it down to primer and start again. Sanded down the trouble areas a but with 2000 grit. Then spread a bit of silver rub n buff across the areas as well as the corners and edges of the controller. Finally went over with a little black rub n buff in the areas that he the most clear coat damage.
Finally added another 6 layers of clear till everything leveled back out. Phew. Weathered steel look achieved.
Although I had a few hickups I'm pretty happy with the results for my first time airbrushing.


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