candy and transparent?



What is the difference between candy and transparent paints?
A candy is waaaayyy more transparent than a transparent paint, if we are talking solvent based paints, water based candies are a bit trickier. solvent candies are die based , where as water based candies are pigment based, dyes being severely more transparent.
One thing I see is the transparents will Brighten up a color but not add depth,where candys will add depth too along with brighten it up imo
My understanding is that you can do detail work with Transparent and use candies more a a wash .... could be wrong but that's how I use them.
A transparant lets the stuff you painted beneath it shine through and mixes with the colors beneath it. This means it affects all colors you paint it over (Painting a blue transparant over a yellow color results in green). This also means if you make a black and white under painting it will affect your light/dark vallues to some extend.

A candy (only speaking solvent based here) will only color everyting that is lighter than it's own color. A red candy applied over a black and white painting will only make the white red but leave the black as it is. Putting a yelow candy over red will do nothing as yellow is lighter than red.

Candies do "bleed" though, which means they become active again when clearcoat is put over them. When you have a couple of layers of cany applied they will start to merge a bit when being clearcoated. For instance when you paint a white line on a red candy that line will turn pink after clearcoat is applied.

This bleeding can be prevented by putting a layer of 1k or intercoat between the candy layers. In some cases (like true fire) you actualy want this effect though as it does generate nice transitions.

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I just found out the difference between waterbased and solvent based candys. I did a wash of A/A red candy over some skulls and lost 80% of my black. It turned it muddy and the detail was gone. Needless to say, I gave up on that
I have never tried solvent based yet, but when I do, I think I would get what I was after...if this makes any sense...
Intercoat will not stop kandy bleed. It has to be a 2k clear or it will still bleed if mixed more than 20%. Trust me I've tried lol. A quick answer of the difference between a kandy and a transparent is kandy is a dye, not a pigment. This is why it bleeds and gets darker with each coat. Kandy typically doesn't show over black, but with enough coats (I'm talking like obsessive 20+) you could start to see it in the sun.

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Also the reason why intercoat doesn't work as a barrier against kandy, I'd because it must be catalyzed to be able to seal off the dye and stop the chemical reaction

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