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Hi, I build plastic models and like to detail them as much as possible, especially the body work.
With my most recent car,
I first sanded all the parts that needed painting.
Washed all parts after sanding.
Airbrushed the 0351 Wicked Metallic Silver on all parts and this turned out okay, I touched a small part on one of the pieces and it was fine, paint didn't come off.
Then I applied the 4654 Grabber Orange Candy2O.
After letting it dry overnight, when I tried to apply a clear coat, the Candy color just ran like as if I had just airbrushed it on.
So then I got a damp (with water) paper towel and the candy just comes right off.
After wiping off some of the Candy, the metallic silver was fine, that did not come off.
What am I doing wrong?


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Did you add the 4030 intercoat to the candy as a carrier? You can not use the candy directly out of the bottle.


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Candy2o needs to be mixed into a carrier. Currently the product they recommend is the 4050 UVLS Clear. 4030 and Transparent base can also be used, but 4050 has best adhesion and levelling properties. The Createx website has the data sheet that shows mix ratios, prep etc.

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It helps to always read manufacturer tech sheets or at the very least the side of the bottle.
4050 is a great carrier as well as being used as a top coat. sealer (primer) would have also been a good idea on the plastic prior to laying down paint.
as you’re new how about doing a quick intro ?


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What scale do you model? I do it too although I use lacquer so I can't help much concerning water base paint:(.

There are enough members familiar with water base so you should get some good help. I, too, would suggest a good primer first. It helps.


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I'm no pro, but from watching Craig Fraser on YouTube and reading the Createx data sheets, this is what I learned. Don't forget to add your 5 to 10% of reducer #4011, #4012, #4013 depending on what you choose. add the reducer AFTER you mix the intercoat / clear with the paint / Candy2o, mix reducer in right away with a stir stick ( don't let the reducer sit on top ) so as NOT to shock the paint / pigment. Mix all three together well and let the mix sit for 5 to 15 minutes before you spray it. They recommend that time so the chemicals can blend together so to speak. Then it sprays and lays more like a chemical base paint, smoother from the airbrush and gives finer gradients / fades. I use 4030 in my mix, but only because I got my order numbers wrong. The other guys are right in saying 4050 is better and lays smoother / flatter, it also helps the paint bite the surface better. But everyone has to learn what works best for their projects. Hope this helped a little, best of luck..... I need to build some models again, haven't thought about it for almost 50 years.
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Original poster hasn’t been back since 15 sept 2021 so hopefully he found a solution, this thread may be of use to someone else :)


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Hey JackEb,
Sorry, I never even noticed it was an older post. I myself have been away from the site for a while and forgot to look if this was active. But like you said, maybe it will help someone else. Hope you and the all gang here at OAF have been doing well. ttyl.