Candy question


Double Actioner
So im guessing that when your trying to emulate the look of a candy with wickeds, that trans base is a pretty important part to it huh? Ive been trying some flames this morning and thought that maybe i could just over reduce and get a similar effect. Really doesnt seem to be working to well. My pink base just got a darker pink when trying that. Grrr
Yeah it's the whole effect in that transparent base. You don't lose your color with the base included and you can really work it in layer. The more you later it in one spot will knock the dark colors back and you light under lay will pop out.
I posted the video up today if your interested. Not much different than gearboxxx's video except I don't talk and you get to here some good music, lol!!

Just watched it.. great video man! The last time i got paint (at hobby lobby) they didnt have any trans base.. guess im going to have to order some up.. seems like im constantly hearing that i need it for this or that so...
Yeah that where I get wicked and they don't carry it, that sucks!! But you do need some, it's basically binder without pigment so if you thin your paint to much a drop or 2 will normalize your paint as well, without making it transparent. I love it!