Canvas size



I've been trying a few tutorials but getting stuck when it comes to detail. Figured out it's probably easier to start big and reduce size once skill picks up a bit. Does anyone know what size(ish) the surface is, that airbrush tutor uses? I have what is called "canvas pad" A2 size ... but his demos seem to be larger and on a smooth surface :unconscious:
Painting bigger is def more easy m8, the details easier to put in and doesn't require as much shielding and such..You can pick up 3mm MDF (900mmx600mm) panels for a few bucks, base them and pre-sand em and you have a very good, cheap and smooth practice or artwork panel. Not sure exactly what tutor uses and I'm sure he's the best person to respond on such, but yer hone your skills on larger panels and then start practicing taking similar artworks smaller and smaller. Good luck