I just started my first canvas painting....messed up washed off all the paint....dried really it seems that it scratches really super this the norm....oh i might add that it was from a canvas book that my mother had used before she passed in 1996...prolly even 20 years older than afraid that when i finish even if i clear seal it that it will peel or the canvases age the factor?? or ???? anyone???.
Not sure. Might've loosened the coating on the canvas. Let it fully dry a day or so and check it again
If you're impatient like me, you might try an air heat gun - ON LOW SETTING - and very VERY gently dry it out this way.
The further away from the surface [ but not too far that it's not getting any air at all! ] the better.
Go real slow, and try to even out the spread of drying areas, as this will help keep it's shape.