Carbon paper or blue paper?



Moin Moin,
I am still at the beginning and wanted to buy paper for me to pause and I am not quite sure whether I should buy Blaupapier or carbon paper.

Both can be ordered to pause, but which is now for Airbrush quite well, if the carbon is durchgepaust becomes or even the blue ink.

On what can be brushed better? Or does it not matter?

I hope I'm in the right category.
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You want graphite paper. Carbon paper is ink and permanent, graphite paper is graphite and can be erased. You get the Saral brand in grey, red, white, yellow, and blue.
Hi Thomas, are you looking for paper to paint on or paper to transfer your image? Andre' has given you good information on paper to transfer your image, your question is just a little unclear. We are here to help.