Changing a nozzle in a Custom Micron question.



Hi Folks,
I have just read that because the head of a Custom Micron is put together with precision and tested in the factory that you shouldn't replace the nozzle yourself. That you should send it to a qualified Iwata technician to have them change it for you or you have to buy a complete and tested new Head unit. He said the chances are that if you replace it yourself it will not function at it's optimized level. Is this true?
Cheers Mel
Thats certainly what I heard, not owning one and not having used one I couldn't say for sure.....guys thats how they make their $¥€£
I am a beginner and have just recently come to the realization that having a quality brush makes a world of difference. I'm going to offer an opinion and you can take it for whatever it is worth, owing a top of the line so to speak brush is like owning a very expensive or rare automobile .. you wouldn't drive it much because if something ever happened to it would be extremely costly replacement/repair making it a impractical item to use regularly, therefor you have to decide how it will be used and how often if it would be worth it to YOU! and if so go for it, but in the end if your finances don't allow it do what is best for you no matter what others may tell offense to anyone, I'm just saying do what is good for you with no pressure.
For guaranteed high performance, it is best to change the complete head, yes.

But that said, I have changed nozzle only on a couple of microns, and not had any problems yet.
My guess is that you have to be very unlucky with part tolerances if you are going to experience any real problems.
Thanks for the replies guys.

denstore, that's good to hear, I really think we should be able to replace a nozzle but I can relate to changing the whole head. I've looked at a lot of airbrush shops and none sell the Micron Head as a unit. I much prefer to do my own general service and repairs because I hate putting my beloved airbrush in the post unless I really have to.
Cheers Mel