Cheap AB


Air-Valve Autobot!
My AB came as part of kit so I never knew what make of AB it was, yesterday I bent the needle so digging a bit further I found a make/model in the box, it turns out to be an Aerograph hs-30

The funny part is a spare needle costs £10, but a NEW airbrush only costs £19.99 lol

About time I upgraded I think ..

What you looking at, what you got to spend? Members here have had success importing from the u.s by having it sent to a friend in the states first, therefore avoiding customs charging
I tentatively looked at the Iwata Revolution , but keep coming back to the Krome 2 in 1.

The Krome seems to be readily available in the UK.
great brush!!!! i would defo go for the badger out of the 2
Go with the Krome I love it. Great super fine detail and great over all work horse of a brush.
Iwata makes some very good airbrushes. But I think I'd rather have a Krome then a revolution.
Iwata Neo CN!!!
The neo is not an iwata, its neo for iwata, these brushes are the same chinese things as in your kit, but a higher price.

If u want high quality and a good brush for little money, it depends, the revolution series are great, true iwatas and with some trigger control it will do fine work.
But if u want to spray metallics or fluors or do some bigger work i'd look at .3 or .4, i have a .3 iwata hpc+ that does more detail than my .15 evolution, whilst still being able to spray broad.

I would recommend u either the badger krome with a .3 setup or on out of the revolution/eclipse series, solid brushes. The .2 can annoy u since its finer finickier and u can do the same detail with some practise with .3

Its up to u.