Cheap cleaning station


Air-Valve Autobot!
Yes you can pay alot for a proper cleaning station but here is mine. Made it from an empty powdered energy drink container, a piece of garden hose, washing up rag and some cable ties.

1. cut halfmoon in lid.
2. drill hole for hose.
3. stick hose through hole and secure top and bottom with cable ties. Tip for cutting hose: depending on your airbrush, cut it at an angle to so that it can accommodate the paint cup/inlet. For suction feed, cut top deeper, for syphon feed, cut bottom deeper.
4. line inside of lid with dish rag. fold over 2 or three times. Will need to cut hole for hose.
5. screw on lid. this will secure the rag "filter".

I'm learning way more than i thought i would from this forum.. that's genius. so well made! thanks for sharing Andreza!
I just love this creative diy things :) gives you loads of ideas, great work Andreza!
Friggin genuis! Ive been using an old baby wipe box with a sponge stuffed inside. Sponge usually last a few.months.. Im makin One of these though. Best thing is takes 10 min to make And completely disposable.. Awesome idea, thanks for this
Great minds think alike hey.
I made mine from a takeaway salad container and an air filter from my nitro RC car.
2012-03-07 23.26.52.jpg2012-03-07 23.27.12.jpg2012-03-07 23.27.22.jpg
Well i got inspierd to do something myself :)
here is my cleaning station just finished yet to test it all out!

Tanks, i will try to build one by my own. THX for the inspiration!
Sure looks good guys. My airbrush can't stand in mine like yours JoHall because it's too high. I like yours it will fit nicely into my paint trolley.