Cheap lightbox


Air-Valve Autobot!
While looking for a lightbox and coming across a few reviews of LED lightboxes on Youtube, I realised I already have a 40" one in the living room.

So I quickly opened photoshop and created a 1920x1080 white image and saved it as a jpg. Dumped it on a USB stick and voila, a nice big lightbox. I will just have to sit in front of it and tape the reference and paper to it.

This is what it looks like.

I have actually thought about doing this myself but since my telly is my whole life after 8 pm everyday I was afraid to attempt this in case I broke my telly, but I think my telly is about twice the size of this one and would cost more than a grand to replace, lol

If I could find some way to get a sheet of glass safely in front of it I would do this, but for the time being I'll have to settle for the light box I'm using now which only works through the day, my bed room window:)

The white jpg image is definitely a cool idea:thumbsup:
Use my computer screen or a window Lol. Great minds think alike. Or should that be tiny minds think alike......gutter minds think alike. Oh who am I trying to kid, pretending I've got a mind.
I'd be careful using a lcd screen as they are slightly flexible. You could cause issues. But as for me I just use a window lol
It's the point I'm thinking of. But I have glass window next to my airbrush station so I use that but have concidered led light string to put on outside of window for night time use lol