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Nope, not the band. Had a few issues with my compressor (just minor stuff). First, it walks on my table. Fix...Cut a piece of rubber backed carpet remnant, put under compressor no movement. Second, because of the position of the regulator gauge, I was constantly sliding the compressor towards me to see the gauge when making pressure adjustments. Fix..Found a small inspection mirror in my toolbox. Attached the mirror to the regulator with some wire ties and now I can make adjustments without moving compressor. Last, these compressors are known for heating up quickly with constant use. Fix...Had a small table fan I used when wood-burning, placed the fan to blow air on the compressor motor, no problems. Used my airbrush today with the compressor on steady for over an hour, just barely got warm. Yep...I never throw anything away, you never know when it will come in handy.


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As you adjust pressure on the compressor you might be unaware of this. For regulating the presure there are quickreleases which you can adjust the pressure with (couldn't paint without one anymore :p)
Yep I've seen them. Problem is the Paasche ab is finicky with accessories. Already bought a quick release that won't fit it. I gotta read them item descriptions better. Great idea for the future. Hell, I'm still doing dots and lines...LOL
put a hose from your tank to the regulator. can then mount the regulator right next to your canvas. endless adjustments as required without moving away from what you're painting