Cheapest Iwata parts dealer



I think i ruined my last HP-B 2mm. nozzle trying to clean it out with a sewing needle...but my eyes bulged-out when i saw the price tag of a new nozzle: $35 and out of stock:grumpy:

Does anyone know where to find the best deal on the older Iwata HP series parts?
chicago airbrush supply , great supplier with quick shiping if you live in usa. parts are bout the same price everwhere unless you get a knockoff which isnt as good. if your gonna use the best your gonna have to pay for it. but it is worth it
I would pick Coast Airbrush over Chicago airbrush due to I have had to many problem with Chicago air.But the nozzle for the HP-B is 26.95 plus shipping from Coast Airbrush.

Oh they ship world wide too.
I use Coast Airbrush or TCP Global, here in the states. I've never tried Chicago.