checking for mistakes is shapes

Ronald art

Air-Valve Autobot!
even before I lost my perfect vision I sometimes had trouble finding out why a portrait didnt look right , now in general there are only 2 things that can go wrong: the shapes or the values . values can be checked shapes are a bit harder to spot if they are just a bit off so I cam up with the transparent laminate trick .
You place the laminate sheet over your ref phots and use a CD marker to trace the shape you are doubting about and 2 extra ref points so you are sure you place it the right way over your work.
wet 010.JPG
this way you know what is wrong and if you need to get a shape back you can just place some graphite paper under it ( make sure the sheet cant move ) and trace it back . I use the dark graphite for light parts and white graphite paper for dark parts :)
Wow, with just a slight modification in how I do things, I could have a "back-up" in case I get confused and lose a detail or shape.
Reading these old tips is a good tip!! This is a good one ... I'll use it! Thanks Ronald art!!