Chicago Airbrush sale!

And sure enough, the 2 things I want are out of stock.
Too Bad, So Sad, Never Mind
No problem. I can't afford anything so I figured you bunch of monkeys should benefit. You give out allot of free advice my way of giving back.
I havent had time to check my email...but apparently, my greedy little fingers thought it was appropriate to order $200 in paint!!!! Holy cow loo!!
Oh great. I ordered a stencil early on the 8th, and then latter the same day I ordered a brand new airbrush. You would think that a company with the integrity they have would have mentioned it during one of those purchases. And to boot.... on the order where it asks if you want UPS or USPS Priority Mail, I checked Priority Mail..... got UPS. Not a very good 1st experience........ Well, thanks to Orange I know theres a sale now.

Ok,Ok... my bad. I just got a notice today 7/10 that my airbrush left there place this afternoon via USPS Priority Mail! I do apologize for that rant. I wonder whats coming by UPS? Must be my new stencil...
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