Chicagoan >Artista< Hello to everyone



Im glad to have come across this Forum site. Ive used airbrushes on and off for many years but i am no where near being a pro at using them. Ive been lucky though.
I own a few vintage Thayer and Chandlers
(T&C was my first one from my parents when i was a kid) I mostly use my Paasches' V& VL, my Talon and I also own a Paasche TYPE F from the 1920s. (and in good shape!)
Im a portrait artist and have added airbrush to my paintings when it was appropriate to do so.
I am certain that I could use advice from time to time from everyone here because i intend to be much more aggresive in using my Airbrushes from this time on. Love it. Cheers to all
Welcome Artista! Sounds like you have an antique! Been wanting to see if i cant find some old ones just to stick on the shelf lol Feel free to post up your work and you will get all the help you need and sounds like you could help out a bit also!
Thank you so much my Brothers, I am glad to have found my home here already!! Lets create some great memories that last ..Hey 'Visual Realm' Ill take some photos of the '20s Paasche and post them here.
hey welcome from the u.k, in site you will enjoy your stay.looking forward to seeing some of your work
Squish' 'Fez -thank you much!! By the way my wife and I plan to fly out to London next year for a holiday. Can't wait, we hope to drive over to Swindon , Bristol and then of course Liverpool !