China compressor tuning




i think some beginners might be interested in what i did to get a more reliable compressor.
First of all i own a china compressor that is called AS18 and is usually sold without tank.
It is one of the cheapest you can get except for this real beginner plastic things you get with single action
model airbrushes.

That in mind i must confess that this little beast is not that bad as one might think from technical side.
It has just two real flaws in my opinion.
This compressors are not that silent as mostly stated. From what i know they a sold with a rating of round about 40db what everybody knows they are louder.
I just did measured it with my phone and db-meter app in 1 meter distance in my room and it said 60db stock settings.
Now i started to have a look on the construction ( i was bored) and i found that the crank case is completely empty.
No wonder it makes such a noise.
I just took some foam sheet and cut it out to make some kind of a cup that fits inside the crank case and lets the
piston rod move freely. Stuffed everything inside and closed the cap of the crankcase.
First test 53db under same conditions. So it is not much but ok for close to no cost.
I think with an outside case around it it must be possible to get it more silent.

Next issue with this cheap compressors is that they get warm/hot.
As far as i know even if you buy such a compressor from a brand company they just label the china import and thats it. So they all lack of cooling for long runs.
I just modified my compressor to counteract this issue.
I brought a 230V Fan of 60mm by 60mm by 20mm that is reasonable quiet and powerfull.
For other countries i think it will give similar fans.
So i just opened the other side of the compressor case where in my case the electric is stored in.
Just the on/off switch a starter capacitor and the connectors from the pressure switch.
I took everyting out and screwed the fan on the inside of the plastic cap.
Connected the fan in parallel to the compressor motor and et voila as soon as the compressor runs the fan cools the motor and case.
First tests proved that my compressor can now run for a very long time without overheating.
I need to take time on the next runs. And i had no case for the electric parts to rehouse them.

This is the foam cup wall i have cut to fit inside the crankcase.

Just need to put the electrical stuff in a case and attach it to the main case for safety and handling.
The fan is in the compartment to the right.

I highly recommend that changes/modifications made on the electric should be done only by persons that have knowledge of it. Just for safety remember a electric shock might not kill you instantly but has a chance of doing so hours later.

In my case i made not the best choice in the fan it is a quite loud one but the only one i could get fast.
So i raised my db to roughly 57db again. Nothing you want have running during tv.

Hope it might be interesting that even cheap compressors can perform well with one or two modifications.