So I need some help there's some brushes on my mind that catch my attention. Between the Iwata hp c plus, the hp-ch, or the Infinity solo. It will be used for the details. Thanks guys!!!
hey there GL - personnally I would go for the infinity. but to be fair, I have only played with an iwata once. but if anything, get a two in one.

some pros of the infinity:
two sized cups, removable.
very easy needle and nozzle replacement/swopping of sizes
my harder and steenbeck supplier has complete range of parts and is 45 min drive from me (IE parts and availability for your area should be taken into account)
nice trigger action
when I have had a chance to play properly I will be doing a review comparison between the sotar and the infinity.

I am sure others will have more to say. Have fun shopping :)
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infinity!!!!from what i have known and from experience,if detail you look very few can defeat it!!!of course the 0.15 needle and tip one!!!:angel:
what paints are you using and what are you painting? how much detail do you really need as opposed to a bit of a more robust brush?
I will say thet I am not a fan of the sotar even at the new and improved price.. a year ago they were 300 US now they go for 65 which in my opinion is still to much especially with the price of parts and i am used to paying a premium for parts with my Microns
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