Chosing an airbrush



Hi guys,

My hp c+ makes it a bit too hard to do fine detail, i like small work so next year i want a second bigger nozzle gun, and then make the hp c .2 the poor mans micron set up.

So wich one, id like to do siphon, but at about 100$ gravity is ok to.

Was thinking about the 155 anthem or the vl, but i love the revolutions siphon design,

One thing, i live in holland, wih means 155 anthems are 150$, vl 120$ and the revolution siphon 100$
hi mate what about if you get badge velocity or krome they are really good brushes
eclipse is really good no doubt but here in finland badger is more in that price range all thought iwata is solid and easy use and easy clean so that is..
I have a couple Anthems and they are pretty good for fine work. I was pleasantly surprised by them, I got one by accident because the supplier was out of Crecendos (which are better suited for large scale stuff) and I got an Anthem instead, and although it was not the same as the Crecendo, it does have it's uses for certain applications.