Hi 5 to All from Windsor, On.,Cda (across the river from Detroit, Mi.)
Coming out from my comfort zone to introduce myself....Married 41 yrs this Sept 4th to a wonderful man, have 3 great children and 3 awesome grandkids. My buddies, a Border Collie, Jersey our cat Finnigan and my Iwata (well sometimes it's my bud). I'm making progress with airbrushing but still need loads of practice.....all of you help in different ways, thanks!
Have a good day all !!!
Thanks Stranger 375 I am very excited to be here. So much too learn and such great people to learn from!
Welcome Cinder from Pennsylvania. If info is what you want, this is the place for it.
Thanks buttflyzz.... great name by the way. I want all the help I can get.
Welcome came to a great place to learn and always lots of folks to offer help.
If you've been married that long and raised three kids you deserve a hobby of your own :livid: I've 30 years of matrimony behind me, 2 lovely girls, the youngest of whom moved out this weekend :grey: Hope you have a rewarding time here.
Welcome from Montana, feel free to throw out any questions you come across in your airbrush travels. There's no airbrush snobbery here, we've all needed help to get where we're at.

Good to have you.
Thank you Ignis your words hit home....speaking of which I know where you are at with the youngest leaving the nest :grey: exciting for her though :triumphant: Good luck in your many endeavors!
Thanks ProperlyStained I am trying to absorb all the info here and putting it into practice. I try to keep in my mine that it's Just Paint but I get a little stressed. The forum really helps :)
Welcome aboard my friend from the UK,
You have nothing to fear it's only paint and it really is about having fun:) you will learn fast from your mistakes and they will be the same mistakes we have all made so don't worry.
Plenty of great talent and helpful honest people only wanting to see you improve.
Thanks Cordyk sure are a great bunch!

thats for sure, they're best bunch of bananas around :)

welcome Cinder ! nice to see some more girls coming in, for quite awhile it seemed to be only eneesha and myself ... ... as long as you have thick skin and dont mind seeing 'boys be boys' then you'll be fine.
it also amazes me how many of us 'found' airbrushing late in life