Classes/workshop near San Francisco?



Hi guys,

I am looking for an airbrush classes/workshop near San Francisco as a birthday present for my boyfriend. I though it will be easy to find but... I cannot find anything. Do any of you know about some or do you know of a local artist I could ask?
I don't want to go ahead buying all the equipment and online lessons until he goes through a workshop where he can try it out first and decide whether he wants to stick with it.

Thank you,
There might be one in the bay area but the closest one I know of would be coast airbrush getaways phone number is 1-714-635-7775give them a call there in southern California, Might be a short flight to orange country airport?
there is a class in the bay area 3 1/2 to 4 hours for 55 dollars. One on one with joe shaw. I took the beginners class with my partner a couple of days ago and it was well worth it. He has texture class intermediate and advanced classes as well. find info at