Clay Board for Airbrush or Acrylic


Double Actioner
Anyone use those clay boards they sell @ Michaels to paint on? I thought it was cool cuz u can remove paint unlike paper where u have to cover up.
I have not used one yet but I am going to try one. I know Seamonkey uses them, you can erase and scratch fairly easy on them.
50% of what I do is on clay board. It I could get it bigger in different sizes, 100% would be on clay board...... Or metal, lol!! You will love it, I promise. Also if want a cheaper version, hobby lobby has a gesso'd board that is almost as good. It's right next to the clayboard, but if I doing a nice subject or for a customer, I'll go clayboard.

Good quality paper is fine also for removing paint m8, if you use good quality smooth cold pressed watercolor paper for instance, it will erase fine, I wouldn't go heavy into scratching it but if you have a sharp enough point it will scratch of fine as well without damaging the paper..Paper does tend to be a little cheaper but if you get a good price on the clayboard, go for it :)
I'll have to try some good quality water color paper & the gesso'd board. I haven't tried much, I have a panel of metal to try, but I want to clear it first for jewel effect and I have to wait until I have a bunch of stuff to clear at one time. I have a can of 2k and want to get the most out of it. Usually I just use that foam board paper stuff or sketch paper.. I usually do my practice lines on computer printer paper.. I been practicing highlights and sparkles.. They are like tiny dagger strokes right.. I have a lot of practice to do. Any videos out there that give u tips on making the sparkle Highlight? I try to do a mini dagger and get a reverse dagger. I can do big daggers just fine.. I think the bigger the dagger, it gives me more time to think about what I am doing. I need it to be 2nd nature before I can do them without thinking so hard about the trigger and distance. I know I'm doing it wrong and just need more practice. Also, I don't know if i am double actioning right. I do what feels natural and it happens so fast I can't tell if I let the trigger go all the way forward before cutting the air off.. That normal?
Remember after you clear it if you are clearing it before the airbrushing you will need to scuff the clear with red scotchbrite or wet sand 500-800. No shineys or the paint will skate and will not adhere to the surface needs some thing to grab hold of.
I don't have any intercoat clear.. That's on my list though.. I have the HOK premixed stuff that has the sg100 mixed in... I know, I should get the KK from coast. I practicing my skills then by then I can splurge again and buy some more paint and stuff.