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So I started taking my AB to the laundry sink to clean out. Running hot water seems to just make it so easy to remove the paint. Back flush with hot water running in paint cup, dump fill spray through, back flush again leaving water in cup. Next time I go to use it there will be a little color settled in bottom of the cup (sometimes) a quick back flush and rince and good to go again. My question is ... could I be doing any damage to my badger Krome seals or anything by using the hot water? Its not boiling or anything and I stick my thumb in it to clean the inside of the color cup, but you wouldnt want to leave your hand in it for too long.
I find cold water works fine... warm shouldn't be a problem though
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That won't hurt it you will be just fine,just don;t take it apart at the sink as you could lose parts down the drain
Thanks basepaint, after watching the video of Ken Badger saying you shouldnt have to take an airbrush apart to clean it I have been very reluctant to do so. That being said Im sure at some point it will be necisary, but a rarity not an everyday thing.