Cleaning Iwata hp-cs



Hi guys,
Is there any do's or don'ts when it comes to cleaning my hp-cs eclipse?
I've stripped my Chinese copies down to the bare bones to learn how it works and goes together but I'm a bit dubious about stripping my awesome brush. I got the usual tiny spanner in the box but I noticed the brush is machined to take a bigger spanner?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated


I believe the eclipse has a floating nozzle assembly, so the outer head ring and cap should hold it in place, a wrench should only be used the first time to loosen it if its too tight. Other than that , leave the air valve in, and the needle bearing . Everything else strip it out and clean carefully.
his is correct as stated above you have a floating nozzle so you do not need the small spanner used for screw in nozzles. the eclipse is the easiest to clean airbrush out there
What's the point of the tiny spanner in the kit then? It costs iwata to produce and pack them and a we all know companies don't like wasting their time on manufacturing an unneeded item?
The big spanner is for the head and the small spanner for the two piece nozzle. NEVER take the nozzle apart. It is sold as a unit and I don't know why they would supply a small wrench. I also never used my big wrench on the head even though it was very tight when i received it. I just clamped a wooden clothes peg around the head and then use a pair of pliers to undo.
I have absolutely no idea why they include the spanner, it seems pointless. You may need to use some grips to undo the head the first time, but after that just do everything up finger tight, it's what I do anyway and never have any sealing issues. It's a breeze to strip and reassemble even for a technophobe like me. You can't get easier than the self centering nozzle, and the trigger assembly is a breeze too as there are less separate parts. Easy peasy!