Cleaning Litte Paint Tip?



How in the world do you clean the little tinny winny paint tips that are in airbrushes like the Sotar? Do you need to soak it or something or do they not really get clogged?
I sharpen a wooden toothpick so that it can go through the tip. I try to leave a bit of a square edge on one side just to scrape out the paint.
Order you some Airbrush Restorer (made by Createx) Coast Airbrush Products
Plus like AndreZA said use a wooden tooth pick.
You can reuse the restorer over and over again , The bottle I have is 4 years old. and still cuts out dry paint from the nozzle and works on all water based paints.
just soak the nozzle for about 30 minutes to an hour and it is clean...
I do the same as AndreZa or most of the time I use a small, thin haired paintbrush with cleaner on it and it seems to work great.

I just throw all the parts in my wife's ultra sonic jewelry cleaner with a little hot water mixed with some 409 or windex. Squeaky clean every time.
I seldom find a need to pull the nozzle and clean it, but should I feel it could use a cleaning, I have a cheap ultasonic jewelery cleaner that I'll let it soak in for awhile, but for the most part those tiny nozzles don't need cleaning on any regular basis, if you always backflush several times and wipe down the needle, before you close down the brush for the night.