cleaning my new Iwata revolution bcr - (stupid question here)



Hey just wonder about cleaning my new Iwata. I am using metho based clean with metho? What about for alcohol based paints?, clean with metho. I presume water cleans but not as thoroughly as metho. Or should I buy airbrush cleaner? I'm in Australia, so cleaners available here would help.
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You are on the right track.

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Remember you only want to soak the nozzle and maybe the needle it there is dried paint on it.
a few things you can do on top of just putting in metho (I am assuming motho is like our methelated spirits.

this is roughly what I would do:
pinch nozzle end so that air pushes all the paint into the bottle. take bottle off and put new, clean bottle with metho in, and then spray until clean, then backflush again and see if there is still some colour in the metho. repeat if needed.
then I would rinse with water, and then rinse with AB cleaner and then finally with water again. apparently it is a good idea to rinse out the metho, I am sure I read that somewhere.
good luck, Have fun :)
Thanks, all, forgot to backflush. Will triple clean next time.