Cleaning solution?



So after shopping for about 2 months, I finally have everything I need to start painting...except a cleaning solution. I see you can buy cleaning solution, but I have feeling this is a rebranded house hold cleaner or homemade cleaner...I just want to know what would be best for the brush. I've anything from water to paint thinner....whats the truth?

i use water , backwash it at high pressure several times and then flush at high pressure with water, after that i use acetone, finger nail polish remover the same way, then run water through it again,, then take the needle out and clean it and flush without needle... only disassembly i ever have to do , works everytime if you do it after each use...
I use water, sometimes clear window cleaner and if I take apart I use finger nail polish... I also use water or clear window cleaner to thin my paints.
I clean my airbrush the same way as Ran as far as the steps. I use a water windex alcohol solution instead of straight water but water work fine too. I use lacquer thinner for urethanes.
I'm thinking of investing in a little ultrasonic cleaning bath. The seem quite cheap now on fleabay.

When I make the investment I will let you know how I get on.

I would also say that if your AB has telfon seals then regardless of the medium you use (Acrylic or Uro) you could use a uro type thinner which I imagine would be a bit more agressive on dried acrylic paint. However if you are using acrylic and not sure of the seal type I would stick with the makers cleaner or a homebrew that you have used previously without any issue. I have heard horror stories about seals perishing after being left in thinners.

I'm a bit dubious of glass cleaners over in the UK as they may contain Ammonia which is known to attack the chrome on AB's. I just wish I could find windex in the UK as this has been used in AB scene for quite a while and seems to be OK with AB's
Has anyone tried Simple Clean or a similar cleaning product?
I've used simple green before wow that stuff will kill you atomized I like actual airbrush cleaner from createx for waterbase and laquor thinner for uros
I also use water to flush the paint then Windex to clean, then rinse with water again.