Cleaning the tubes




Do you a way to clean them? The color is from the inside and I have no access to it
Looks like the tubes from the inside of syphon bottles.
I just run water through mine but thats the beauty of using acrylics. what paint or you using?
It's true they r from the bottles . It's acrylic mixed with homemade reducer. U can not go lower than this ;)
I don't use siphon guns, so am probably talking rubbish as usual, but would pipe cleaners be any good?
Snufkin, I have no idea where you are from but here in the UK we can buy a cleaner called "Elbow Grease" Its good for getting acrylics paint off things but can cause damage to things like seals in the AB and it will destroy air work in the blink of an eye so beware!
Pipe cleaners are good but I (try and) clean my bottles at the end of each session but if there are stubborn traces left I use the blunt end of an old damaged needle under running water, I run the needle back and forth and that normally does the trick.
I think pipe cleaners or the tattoo gun brushes are your best bet. I have several of the small gun brushes that I use on 3mm pipettes and they are the only thing I can get in them. I bought them on eBay super cheap.
I find something nice. Should I explain? ;)

They r all clean now. I'm from Israel
Caution! BEWARE of what you spray though your gun! - I have bad lungs, partly through inhaling nasty chemicals which have been atomized - wear a mask at the very least.
lmao thats one creative way to clean them out, but I'd be worried about paint contamination now from the oils. The best way to clean the tubes/straws whatever is to as soon as you are done painting and wash out your bottles, to flush them out with the reducer you used and then water so it doesn't dry and build up in them. I use urethane so lacquer thinner is a breeze to clean them out. If they are solvent proof bottles like the iwata big mouth ones, then lacquer thinner will clean them up in a flash.
Get yourselves an ultrasonic cleaner. Then experiment with various liquids. I have GREAT success with iso. alcohol. Just be smart about it. Also there are some great little tattoo brush cleaner kits for dirt cheap on Ebay.