Cleaning tip dry


Air-Valve Autobot!
How do you guys clean the tip dry of the needle ?
I use a toothbrush very gently , almost never my nails , but I found the tip of the needle bend very often and is not for hits against the canvas .
I see videos where artist remove tip dry with his nails , even in Micron with that super fine needle and I don't understand how they do to not damage it .
something i read in the internet, which made laugh out loud,was a guy that goes by the name of airbrushguru,he has blog and seems very funny at his approach at his experience,he said amongst other things that you should never clean the needle with your fingers,never,the needles are sharp pointed and when they get in your skin it hurts,more if it hits the bone,and he replied he was talking from experience.

so i took his advice, so what i use is an old make up brush,because is soft,not to cause damage to the needle,but hard enough to get rid of the dry paint,also when i use it, i dip it in water,waterbased colors is what i use,to maximise the cleaning.

tooth brushes are a no for me, they are to hard no matter if it says that are soft,not for needle that is easyly most remember that most of these airbrush materials are very soft in order to give them the shape they,we require.

hope it is what you want

happy airbrushing!!!