Cleaning up mistakes on canvas

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this might be common knowledge, but I didn't know it :p.

I was a bit uncarefull while shaking a bottle of burnt umber and got some splatters on the canvas I'm working on (it has a layer of gesso). I was lucky in that it didn't hit any of the finished parts it did hit an area that has to be very light though.

As I realy didn't feel like having to flood fill an area of +/- 1mrt by 1mrt with white I tried to clean it with some tisue paper drenched in airbrush cleaner and on this surface that worked perfectly (as in I got rid of some big drops of paint and got it back to a state where one can't see anything happened). It takes a bit of work as at the start you more dispers than clean the paint but in the end you'll be able to get rid of it all.

just thought I'd lett ya all know :D
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If you're using water based paint then a dip cotton bud (Q tip) into water and then touch onto the affected area, give it a minute then 'roll/rotate' a clean dry Qtip at about a 45 degree angle, its hard to explain but if you keep the qtip in one place but roll it between your fingers it will lift the paint off as it rolls, you may go through a few qtips (don't rotate more that 300degrees or you risk putting the removed paint back onto the canvas. )

I did this on the sturt desert pea for PP6, I did the original on canvas, I messed up but managed to remove black so that only white canvas was showing.
if its water based paint, then a Qtip and water will do the trick.

dip qtip in water then dab onto affected area. give it a minute, then with a dry qtip, hold it at about a 30 degree angle to the board and wipe/roll it to remove the paint.

I used that technique on the original sturt desert pea I did for PP6, (and subsequently shelved it because I didn't like the canvas texture) but it really does work until you clear it.