Clear coat letting me down.


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Hi Troops,

I'm hoping someone has a solution to a newly encountered problem.
My 2-Pak Clear is full of white specks.
I strained the clear, strained the hardener and strained the thinners before mixing then strained again into my spraygun.
1.2 nozzle with new filter, when sprayed it looks fine, a bit of peel then as it settles and flashes off it becomes gritty.
The spraygun is cleaned before and after use and is only for clear by the way.
Rubbing back with 400wet reveals that the gritty texture is a constellation of fine white specks.
This only happens when spraying clear and does not happen when spraying color.
Soon as I can I will be acquiring new clear as I think the age of my clear may be part of the problem.
It has sprayed like this since new and I have replaced my guns and airlines thinking they were the problem.
Temperature has varied from 25c to 32c.
Any ideas?


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I am gonna guess you have bad clear coat. You seem to have covered all of your bases on everything else.
Hi Meeshell,
I think your right and who knows how long it sat on the shelf before I bought it. Rep told me it was one of the best clears to use with HOK paint.
He probably just wanted to get rid of it.
I have to agree with Michele, too bad though....cause your true fire seems killer work from what i can tell. I use 2K clear coat myself and i spray it in thin layers....about 5 or 6 times mists.
Hi SaxTecc05,
I like to put down a fine first coat as a gripper coat, wait for it to become tacky(flash off) and then build up a second coat before laying down
a third and final coat that flows out nice and smooth. I think I will go back to using PPG clears.
Most often with 2k the clear itself is fine The hardner is usually the culprit with age issues.. either that or moisture if everything is clean and no dust from static Thats all I can think of Good Luck and let us know
ko I'm going to run the hardener through two filters into a new container to see what I catch.
It is more of a chemical thing. the hardner doesnt mix well and doesnt dry and harden well so possibly the reason for the prob.. But what the hell give it a try
my first guess would be that you're getting solvent pop. Try using very thin layers, and never more than recommended on the tech sheet (i.e. if the tech sheet says to spray two coats, don't spray three. Sounds obvious, but there is a reason I know not to do it ;-) )

Air contamination is another possibility. If the air isn't dry and clean, you wind up with all sorts of issues. If you're not using any sort of air cooling system for your air lines, you can make one that works well for $50 or less. The cooler the air is, the better the moisture traps and filters will work (hot air can "hold" more moisture than cold air).

For the air line cooling, all you need is a piece of copper flex tubing (about 20 or 30 feet) two fittings (one for each end of the tubing), and a large bucket or cooler. I have the fittings on mine brazed on, but a compression-type fitting will work just fine. Just straighten out the ends on the tubing a bit to attach it in your air system, fill the cooler or bucket with water, and drop the rest of the coiled copper into the bucket. The water is very efficient at pulling heat away from the copper tubing, which then cools the air. Just be sure to change the water before anything nasty starts growing.

As far as the hardener/activator- generally, as long as it's clear, you should be ok. Over time, the activator will absorb moisture, which turns it a milky color and makes it worse than useless.

Going with PPG clears isn't a bad idea, though. I've always had good results with PPG. You pay a bit more, but you get some reliability and peace of mind.

I could of used the cooling advice two weeks ago:p but have made a note of it as I am relocating to warmer pastures soon.
Thankfully this problem didn't occur on a clients job. Today I will be testing the activator as it seems to be the common denominator, at least I have 4 litres of clear and 1 litre of activator to play with!.
PPG has great flow and I am use to 3 coats and walk away.
how about if I send you some nice, cold Wisconsin weather, instead? It's well below freezing, and we've got plenty to spare ;-)
Done! My wife cannot control her body temp, MS related. She would gladly welcome some cold right now and a box of twinkies.
You are not going to believe this!.
About to strain everything through double filters, reach in to grab two filters and..... wait....... whats this?
There is a fine white powdery dust on the underside of some of the filters not all just enough to give me a false sense of security.
Tack rag and a Valium please.