Clear coat question



I'm clear coating a large rc boat. You can't get to the top and bottom at the same time. What is the proper procedure to paint top and then bottom?
An adjustable jig is the handiest, you could probably build a make shift jig out of an old television wall bracket so that you can attach the boat to it by means of screwing it to something inside the boat leaving the whole of the outside of the boat free for painting.

Or as SA said hanging it up, but you have to hang it in such a way that it can't move around, if it's hanging lose the pressure from spraying would cause to swing making your job difficult, I would personally hang it high enough to be able to walk under it and use a step ladder for the uppermost parts.
Yeah, well i don`t get out much LOL. Might get me an rc airbrush. !!!!!!!!!!!
Have fun with that Scott! lol..Ya gotta hang it buddy, and pray to the clear coat Gods!! Welcome to my world!!
Boat finished. I won't take on one of these this size again. It is just awkward.
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